COVID – 19 Advisory Centre for Local Authorities Established

 A COVID – 19 Advisory Centre for Local Authorities (C19-ACLA) has been established by #LGAZ with support from the Germany Government through #GIZ and the United States Agency for International Development #USAID.
The main objective of the Centre is to enhance the preparedness and capacity of Local Authorities in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click Here to download News Flash.
The Centre will provide technical support and non-monetary resources through but not limited to:
1. The provision of Manuals on tools that Local Authorities can use for Preparedness, Response and Recovery in pandemics
2. Support Local Authorities in the development of Emergency Plans and provision of blueprints for emergency procedures and protocols for various scenarios before, during and after the pandemic
3. Provide support to Local Authorities on how to trigger response using developed emergency plans, procedures and protocols in their respective districts
4. Support Local Authorities in the development of project proposals for COVID 19 prevention and mitigation
5. Manage an innovation fund which will support project ideas on how to produce materials required to combat COVID-19
Councils are encouraged to call the Centre Coordinator on 0977254804, to access these services.

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